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"A different language is a different vision of life" 

Federico Fellini


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At Intiwasi, we see students as individuals and we understand that they all learn differently. In the classroom, we aim to personalize our students' learning experience through experimenting and exploring with a wide array of projects, tools, and hands-on materials. In our classrooms, we approach learning through thematic units that allow students to learn new Spanish vocabulary while acquiring new skills.

We are proud of our all-encompassing learning approach that allows our students to graduate our school with a high level of Spanish proficiency, linguistic competence, and exceed state academic requirements. In addition, our program offers students a deep understanding of Latin culture, which is enriched by our great diversity of staff.


At Intiwasi we strive to create a safe nurturing space with small class sizes. We provide a  pod-like environment where children can grow and develop from their early years until elementary. We aim to give our students the opportunity to create long-lasting relationships and bonds with teachers and peers.



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We are offering in-person and virtual tours Monday thru Friday. Due to COVID restrictions and for the safety of our staff, guests and students tours are booked upon request and are done individually. We will check the temperature of all guests and the use of face coverings is mandatory. We kindly ask guests to abstain from coming to a tour if they believe they have been exposed to COVID in the past 10 days or if they are experiencing any symptoms. We truly appreciate your help in keeping our community safe!


When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world”

Shai Reshef


Spanish camps

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Our Spanish immersion camps are geared to students of Spanish immersion schools or with prior Spanish experience who need to polish their oral skills and broaden their vocabulary. 

Our classes are fun and dynamic, and our daily schedule includes a broad array of activities: dance, yoga, sports, art, DIY projects, and much more. Of course, everything is done in Spanish.


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Stay tuned with everything happening at school. At Intiwasi we strive to create community and we want you to feel part of our family. Check this section periodically for updates and upcoming events. In addition, remember we send monthly newsletters on the week of the 15th of every month and daily updates via Brightwheel.



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We invite you to read more about our passionate and dedicated team members that come from different parts of the world and who make Intiwasi an amazing place to be. 



Our team is composed of passionate educators from different parts of the world, adding an array of cultures and enriching our program. 

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