Meet our Family

At Intiwasi we strive to create a homey environment where parents and teachers can collaborate and work as a team. With monthly newsletters, updates, and daily reports we try to stay connected about each of our student's development and work together to create the best possible learning experience for all of our students. Meet the individuals who make it possible and learn a bit more about our team.

  • Alina Miranda

    Preschool Director & Lead

    Our dear Alina is originally from the historical city of Cusco, Peru. Alina graduated college with BA in Elementary Education from Universidad Nacional de Cusco, San Antonio Abad. Before moving to LA she worked for 25 years as a teacher as an Elementary school teacher. In 2012 Alina decided to move to Los Angeles to be closer to her family and started a new journey into early education. Here in LA Alina worked as a Lead teacher at "Jardin de Ninos" for over 4 years while working on her early educations and preschool administration classes.
    Alina is the heart and soul of Intiwasi where she strives to create a welcoming and nurturing environment for all her students. When not at work Alina loves spending family time and singing.

  • Carla Soria

    Elementary Director & Lead

    Carla Soria has been in the field of education for over 15 years in Europe and the US. Born in the city of Zaragoza, Spain, she graduated with honors as a Hearing and Language Teacher Specialist and moved to Barcelona and Madrid where she started teaching Spanish and completed her education. She graduated with honors as a Speech and Language Pathologist at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. She then worked as an SLP in different schools, hospitals, and clinics of the Spanish capital while completing a Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.
    In 2014 she moved to California where she has continued to develop her career leading Spanish immersion programs in different international schools. Carla loves teaching and believes that emotion is the essential element to the learning process because we can only learn that which we love.
    When she’s not teaching or studying Carla loves films, music and traveling to new places with her husband and her lovely sons, Matty and Dylan.

  • Karina Torres

    Executive Director

    Karina was born in California but raised in Lima, Peru. She moved back to the States when she was 18 years old settling in Austin where she attended college. In 2008 she graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts. In 2009 Karina moved back to Lima where she started working as an English teacher, leading her to discover a fondness for teaching. While living Karina started an MA in applied Linguistics specializing in second language acquisition. Slowly her career shifted into Early Education as she noticed the easiness children have to pick up languages. In 2012 she co-founded Kalpachay and in 2015 she founded Yachaywasi preschool. Her passion for teaching led her to get a certificate in Early Education Advanced and Early Core from UCLA Extension. In 2020 she completed a certificate from MITX in Lauching Innovations.
    Karina is a foodie who loves to try new foods from different parts of the world, loves to cook and travel.

  • Karla Marroquin

    Executive Assistant

    Karla is originally from El Salvador. She moved to Los Angeles when she was 12 years old and has lived in this wonderful city ever since. She started working at  Yachaywasi, preschool in 2015 as a Teacher’s Assistant while still in high school with our executive director. Since then Karla has worked her way up into many different positions, until becoming Karina's assistant. When it was time to open Intiwasi, Karla was the first one to jump on board slowly becoming a vital part of our school.
    In 2019, Karla graduated from El Camino College with an AA in Psychology. She is now working toward a BA in education, specializing in Spanish Language instruction. Karla is passionate about learning and always has a great attitude toward new challenges.
    During her free time, she enjoys hiking, hanging out with friends and family, listening to music.

  • Soledad Ramirez

    Academic Coordinator & Trainer

    Soledad is originally from El Salvador, "Sole" - as the children call her - has over 27 years of experience as an educator. She graduated in 1990 from “Instituto Tecnologico Centro Americano” in El Salvador with an AA in Special Education for Kindergarten-9th grade, with a focus in Spanish literature and language.
    Soledad has worked in many different schools in El Salvador, leading teachers in classrooms of all ages. This led her to work at a Jesuit school, where she completed her Montessori training.
    As much as she loves to teach, she also loves to learn. She is constantly on a quest for knowledge and learning new skills. When she isn't teaching and creating lessons for the children, she spends her time studying or thinking about what else she’d like to study. Her dream is to receive her Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish, which she is close to accomplishing. Sole is a certified yoga instructor and world traveler.
    In her classroom, Soledad is firm but loving, has a keen eye to detect her children student’s learning styles, and has no problem in adapting her lessons to meet her students' needs. All these qualities together with her vast teaching experience make her an amazing teacher trainer and we are happy to have her on our team.

  • Antonia Lepe

    Preschool Lead Teacher

    Antonia is originally from Colima, Mexico. She moved to Los Angeles when he got married in 2010. Once she moved to Los Angeles, she transitioned her career and began working as a long-term babysitter. It was then that she discovered her passion for helping children learn and develop and the importance of bilingualism. Antonia has been working at Intiwasi since 2021 as Killa's lead teacher. Prior she worked at our sister school Yachaywasi from 2014 to 2020. During that period she started as a teacher's aide and rose to lead teacher. Antonia has also offered private classes and Spanish tutoring with OLA Spanish immersion. Antonia completed her early education studies in 2019 and holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education Advanced and Basic Core Program from UCLA Extension.
    Antonia loves spending her time with children and if you working she is probably babysitting her nephews.

  • Analia Przebieda

    Sports Teacher and Admissions Specialist

  • Luis Torrealva

    Music Teacher

  • Lucas Gordon

    Teacher Assistant

  • Nadia Calmet

    Dance Teacher

  • Maria Esther Candelario

    Elementary Teacher

  • Micaela Puga

    Teacher Assistant