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Intiwasi Elementary goes from TK& Kindergarten through 3rd grade following an 80:20 model, where Spanish is the primary language used at school. We follow an eclectic approach to education that borrows from different educational philosophies such as Montessori and Project-Based Learning placing high emphasis on Spanish language acquisition. Our goal is for students to speak Spanish at a native level.

Our program follows a STEAM curriculum that places high emphasis on Arts and Science. Music, Sports, and Dance are embedded in our school day to allow children to be more kinesthetically aware of their bodies.

Throughout the day, students navigate through different subjects of study including Math, Science, English, Geography, History, Language (Spanish), Art, and Music

In class, students learn first through teacher-directed lessons which then later are relevant to apply to our exploration stations. These exploration stations are meant to allow the students to fully grasp the lesson by applying the concept. The core of our philosophy is learning through exploration and questioning. In class, we tinker students' minds to promote critical thinking by creating hypotheses and drawing conclusions.

At Intiwasi, we see all of our students as individuals and we teach them as such. We firmly believe that education does not come in a one-size-fits-all model and that we need to tailor our classes to meet our students' needs. Education and learning are dynamic processes and we are here to educate our students. All of our teachers are committed to working with our parents as a team to help our students thrive and learn. 

We firmly believe in creating an environment of tolerance and respect, which is why we thought it was necessary to create our world history and geography class. Students will have a worldlier view at a young age as they learn about the traditions, cultures, customs, and mistakes of our past. In addition, in third-grade parents can choose the 3rd language from French or Italian classes to add to their child’s schedule.


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At Intiwasi, we’re proud to offer a unique educational experience designed to enhance intellectual growth and promote participatory engagement. Take a look through our site to learn more about us.

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