A Good Foundation

Preschool education

A Great Foundation

Intiwasi offers a 100% Spanish immersion program for children ages  24 months to 5 years old. Our approach to education borrows from educational philosophies including Montessori, Reggio, and Project-Based Learning, placing high emphasis on Spanish language acquisition. We work with multi-level classrooms through stations of exploration. Each station has different levels allowing children to learn at their own pace and allows children to explore a field of study such as math, art, language, and science through hands-on activities. During station time, children have the opportunity to choose where to work and rotate through different stations at their own pace and lead by their own curiosity, forming their independence and freedom of choice. Our program follows a STEAM curriculum that places high emphasis on arts and science. Music, art, sports, and dance are embedded into our school day allowing children to express themselves kinesthetically and visually. 

All of our students participate in yoga and gardening twice a week. In yoga class, children learn to control their bodies, understand concepts of balance, and meditation. While gardening, children get to explore the outdoors, see how food grows, and try new flavors.

At Intiwasi, we care about our environment and we aim to be as green as possible. We are committed to teaching our children how to love our planet and the principles of “reduce, re-use, and recycle".

More than anything, Intiwasi is a place created with love, in which we see each and every one of our students as individuals. We cherish our differences and celebrate our similarities. At Intiwasi, we create a space of love and tolerance meant to allow each of our students to develop in a caring and loving environment.

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