Our camp is taught in person but following strict COVID precautions. Each group has a maximum of 10 students and we try to spend most of the day outdoors or in very properly ventilated rooms. All our staff gets tested regularly and follow strict precautions. For more information on our COVID safety measures, we invite you to read our COVID handbook. We appreciate your understanding as we try to maintain our families, students, and staff safe.

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Our Spanish immersion camps are designed for students currently attending Spanish Immersion programs or with prior Spanish experience. During the day, children rotate through different classes and activities in a small group setting. The objective of our lessons is to place a high emphasis on oral fluency and the use of Spanish in a natural setting. 



From June 21st thru August 13th

Ages: 4-9 years old


Regular: M-F 9 AM-4 PM

Cost: $385/wk.

Extended: M-F 8 AM- 6 PM

Cost: $450/wk.

Healthy hot lunches are offered for $25/wk.

Additional Offer:

Enroll for 4 or more weeks and pay $350/wk. for 9 AM to 4 PM schedule and $400 for 8 AM-6 PM

Spots are limited to 10 students per group, enroll as soon as possible!

Weeks 1 and 2 are already full

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SUMMER CAMP Weekly Themes


Week 1: Flavors of Europe 

June 21st thru 25th

Indulge your palate with delicious European dishes from the most popular countries made from scratch. In camp, students will learn more about European, geography, and fun facts while cooking culture traditional dishes filled with flavor and color.

Sunset Walk

Week 2: A trip through Barcelona

June 28th thru July 2nd

Discover the beauty of Barcelona. Get to know Gaudi and his beautiful architecture and cook delicious tapas traditional from the region


Week 3: A Bugs life 

July 5th thru 9th

Students will learn about all the wonderful creatures that live in our garden and the important role they play in our environment through fun experiments and activities while learning Spanish

Jungle Hut

Week 4: Wonderer of the Amazonian jungle

July 12th thru 16th

Students will learn more about life in the Amazon rainforest. They will see how people live, dress, what they eat, and the amazing creatures that inhabit those lands

Natural Soap

Week 5: DIY week

July 19th thru 23rd

Students will learn how to make fun DIY projects such as creating bath bombs, soap, and many other fun projects they will then take home to share. They will then create the branding for their products


Week 6: The Mexican culinary experience

July 26 thru 30

Pack your bags and take this imaginary trip to Mexico with us. Explore traditional Mexican dishes, music, culture, folk dances, and much more. 

Chemistry Students

Week 7: Inventors Workshop

August 2nd thru 6th

Students will explore and learn about great inventions that changed the world. They will use their imaginations to create their own revolutionary inventions. Then each child will get to share their inventions with classmates through slogans and commercial spots they will create themselves in Spanish.


Week 8: Bakers workshop

August 9th thru 13th

Students will explore delicious pastry and bread recipes from around the world. Then they will create their own brand and sell their goods on the last day of camp.

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